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Your pet is your best friend, and they deserve to know it. Shopping Amazon Prime Day's deals will get them the best for less, so you can rest easy while your four-legged family member does.

Yes, the famous Furbo Dog Camera is on sale. Its HD camera with night-vision gives you high-quality live-streaming of your pet at any hour of the day, while sensors will alert your phone when the machine hears barking. An embedded speaker gives you the ability to talk to your pet and calm them down—in other words, this is the piece of tech that lets you be there for your dog even when you can't be. You can even play with your pet, "tossing" them a treat from the Furbo via the app, available for iPhone and Androids.

Give your cat (or cats) the gift of luxury. With spacious tiering, a step-ladder, enclosure, and scratching posts as far as the claw can reach, this tower could be your pet's home within a home—and its neutral gray color will blend in with any decor. The pompom and rope promise endless entertainment regardless of where the cat is on the post, while the enclosure gives them a sense of privacy and a bird's-eye view. (But keep the birds away.)

House-training your dog? Pads are a must in every puppy's household. The ultra-absorbent center turns liquid into gel upon contact, so you don't have to worry about any surprises or spillage, while the plastic shell on the bottom protects your floors. Bottom line, it's one thing you definitely need for a leak-free future.

With a neutral palette and 2-foot height, this cat-tree lets your pet aim high, or at least get a little higher. It's an easy addition to your home, not taking up too much space in your life but giving your cat all the space it needs in its life. The scratching posts made of a natural jute fiber will keep your pet's nails healthy and distract it from your other furniture, while the detachable pompom will add an instant entertainment factor.

Keep your dog's breath fresh with Greenies' dental dog treats. The toothbrush-shaped snack actively cleans your pet's teeth so you can go back to enjoying some up-close playtime without worrying about any bad breath; it'll be a treat both you and your dog look forward to. It's also available for cats in a variety of flavors, like salmon, tuna, catnip, and in a variety pack with chicken. Get it for your puppy or for your dog that's a little more than "big-boned."

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