Bio Succinic Acid is primarily being used as a replacement for petrol based succinic acid in few

Bio Succinic Acid is primarily being used as a replacement for petrol based succinic acid in few applications such as solvents and lubricants, de-icer solutions, cosmetics, food and pharma. Furthermore, newer application such as 1,4-Butanediol (BDO), PBS, plasticizers and polyesters polyols market will accelerate the future growth of the market. Additionally, higher cost of crude oil, increase in investments for green chemicals, demand for renewable chemicals, and increase in government support will further boost the growth of the market. However, higher price of Bio Succinic Acid and lengthy extraction processes are primarily restraining the market growth for the next few years. Various industrial application markets analyzed in the study includes BDO, polyester polyols, PBS, plasticizers, resins, coatings, & pigments, solvents & lubricants, alkyd resins, and de-icer solutions. The resins, coatings, & pigments market generated maximum revenue in the year 2013. However, seven years down the line, BDO is expected to emerge as the largest application segment. This is largely due to higher consumption of Bio Succinic Acid in the production of BDO, as a replacement of ma...

Sen. Santarsiero Holding Free Paper Shredding Event

FALLS TOWNSHIP, PA — Senator Steve Santarsiero will be holding a free paper shredding and community drive on Saturday, Oct. 5 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Pennsbury High School West. During the event, Bucks County Opportunity Council and Habitat ReStore will be collecting furniture, small appliances, and non-perishable food. If you plan on bringing items to be shredded, note that paper clips and staples do not need to be removed. Remove large black clips and three-ring binders. “We do not shred phone books, books, newspapers or non-paper items. Individuals are limited to three file boxes or copy paper boxes of paper for shredding,” according to event information provided by Santarsiero’s office. Spiral Notebook, Calendar Book, Wrapping Paper, Exercise Book- Hengchen,