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We’ve been waiting for this moment ever since Proton and Geely tied the knot in the middle of last year, and that moment has finally arrived – the Proton X70 has officially been launched in Malaysia! The national carmaker’s first ever SUV, unveiled by prime minister (and former Proton chairman) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre this evening, marks an important milestone as the first model built in collaboration with the Chinese conglomerate.

As ever, we’ll kick off with the most important bit, and the one we’ve all been waiting for – pricing. Four variants are offered – the Standard 2WD at RM99,800, the Executive 2WD at RM109,800, the Executive AWD at RM115,800 and the Premium 2WD at RM123,800. All prices, identical in East and West Malaysia, are on-the-road without insurance, inclusive of a new unlimited-mileage warranty (still at five years).

By now, you are all well aware that the X70 is based on the Geely Boyue – in fact, the first units come fully imported (CBU) from China, with a CKD locally-assembled model coming next year. Even so, there’s a lot to unpack, with plenty of Proton firsts. So let’s get straight into it.

With the X70, Proton is wading into the lucrative, highly-competitive C-segment SUV market, and it does so with a considerable price advantage, retailing closer to B-segment models like the Honda HR-V. Measuring 4,519 mm long, 1,831 mm wide and 1,694 mm tall, the X70 is 225 mm longer, 59 mm wider and 89 mm taller than the Honda and has a 60 mm longer wheelbase at 2,670 mm – so it’s firmly in a class above.

Against other models in its class, however, the Proton is on the smaller side, although it is comfortably larger than its Korean competitors, the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson. Compared to the all-conquering Honda CR-V, the X70 is 77 mm shorter and 24 mm narrower, but it’s 15 mm taller and its wheelbase is 10 mm longer. As we’ve reported previously, the car is only available as a five-seater, with no seven-seat option.

The design has been lifted almost wholesale from the facelifted Boyue, so at the front you still get sharp projector headlights – halogens for the Standard variant, LEDs for the others – while the facelifted model’s sportier bumper design, complete with chrome fins and LED fog lights in the lower corners, is clear to see.

Moving over to the side, you have the prominent fender bulges, a beltline kink aft of the rear doors and blacked-out D-pillars to give it the oh-so-trendy “floating roof” look. Finally, the rear features broad LED tail lights and twin tailpipes integrated into the rear skid plate. Completing the look are alloy wheels measuring 17 inches on the Standard variant, 18 inches on the Executive and 19 inches on the Premium.

There are a couple of styling cues that are unique to the Proton model, such as the “infinite weave” grille – said to be inspired by traditional Malaysian wood carvings – that replaces the Geely’s concentric design. There’s also the Proton script on the head- and tail lights, as well as on the rear number plate garnish. The company has previously said that the CKD version will receive a more thorough makeover.

As for the colours on offer, the Standard variant is only available in Snow White and Armour Silver, while the Executive 2WD gains Jet Grey and Cinnamon Brown hues; strangely enough, the Executive AWD model is only offered in white and grey. The Premium is the only one to come with the full range of colours, including the exclusive Flame Red.

Step inside and you’ll find an interior that is again heavily derived from the Boyue, with a gently undulating dashboard (inspired by the Hangzhou Bay Bridge in China, apparently), a flat-bottomed steering wheel and a tall centre console replete with Porsche Cayenne-style grab handles.

Items introduced on the facelifted Boyue include four additional USB ports (one at the front, one at the rear), plus another port in the headlining near the rear-view mirror for installing a dash cam – a neat feature. The Premium model’s power-adjustable passenger seat also gains Toyota Camry-esque shoulder buttons – or as Proton aptly calls them, “boss switches” – for rear passengers to push the seat forwards for more legroom.

Again, there are a couple of unique touches in here, such as a version of the “infinite weave” pattern found on the speaker grilles. Speaking of which, the Premium model gets a Kenwood sound system with nine speakers (Standard has six speakers, Executive eight), including a subwoofer under the boot floor. Another more functional change is the twin rear air-conditioning vents instead of the Boyue’s single vent.

The highlight of the cabin is the new, standard-fit Geely Smart Ecosystem (GKUI) Android-based infotainment system, equipped with a flush-fitting eight-inch TFT LCD touchscreen and 16 GB of internal storage. It features MirrorLink connectivity for Android smartphones, but Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are yet to be supported due to restrictions; the company says they could be made available later on.

By far the biggest feature is the voice control system that uses artificial intelligence technology – just like similar personal assistants recently introduced by Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Using the activation term, “Hi Proton”, users can control a whole host of vehicular functions, such as the climate control, music playback, navigation and even the windows and sunroof.

The system will also recognise natural language – saying “it’s too cold,” for instance, will raise the air-con temperature by one degree. Supposedly, it will even understand “Malaysian English”, although we’ll have to wait until we put it to the test to see if it actually works.

There are also a number of connectivity features enabled by the built-in Celcom eSIM. Every model comes as standard with a basic five-year data package, with a monthly quota of one gigabyte; other packages will be announced later on, along with pricing.

With integrated mobile data, you get Baidu Maps navigation, music streaming via Unlimited Music and over-the-air software updates. Users can also browse various vehicular information such as remaining fuel and range, service indicator, fuel consumption and vehicle location through the Proton Link smartphone app.

Behind the tailgate (not powered, unfortunately) sits an estimated 512 litres of boot space, which is more than what you’d find in the Mazda CX-5 (442 litres) and only slightly behind the larger Honda CR-V (522 litres) and Nissan X-Trail (550 litres with the third-row seats folded). The rear seats fold flat in a 60:40 split, but there is no reclining or sliding function available.

Standard kit includes keyless entry, push-button start, auto headlights, auto-folding door mirrors, dual-zone climate control with an air purifier system, cruise control, fabric upholstery, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a seven-inch digital instrument display. The Executive models add auto wipers, faux leather upholstery, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror and a six-way power-adjustable driver’s seat.

Moving up to the Executive AWD gives you a tyre pressure monitoring system as well. Last but not least, the Premium variant throws in a panoramic sunroof, one-touch up/down power windows all around, powered lumbar support for the driver and Nappa leather upholstery for the seats and steering wheel.

In keeping with class norms, the X70 comes as standard with six airbags, ABS with EBD and brake assist, stability control, hill start assist and rear ISOFIX child seat anchors, plus hill descent control on all variants. Also standard is a reverse camera, while Executive and Premium models get a 360-degree camera system and front parking sensors (two cells on the Executive, four cells on the Premium).

The Premium goes one further with the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), adding Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and Intelligent High Beam Control (BLIS). There’s also a Door Opening Warning System (DOW) that alerts you if you’re about to open a door into traffic.

All these features have allowed the X70 to score a full five-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating, with a score of 35.27 points in adult occupant protection (AOP) and 40.78 in child occupant protection (COP). By comparison, the Honda CR-V nabbed 34.02 and 44.76 points respectively.

Powering all models is a 1.8 litre turbocharged and direct-injected four-cylinder petrol engine, making 181 hp at 5,500 rpm and 285 Nm of torque from 1,700 to 4,400 rpm. It is paired to a six-speed automatic transmission built by Drivetrain Systems International (DSI), a subsidiary of Geely. Three drive modes are available for the powertrain – Eco, Normal and Sport.

Front-wheel drive is standard except for the Executive AWD, which, as the name suggests, gets an all-wheel drive system developed by BorgWarner. So equipped, the car is able to send up to 30% of torque to the rear wheels using a NexTrac electromagnetic multi-clutch coupling. Suspension is handled by MacPherson front struts and rear multilinks, and the company says the handling was fine-tuned with input from MIRA in the UK.

Kerb weight ranges from 1,660 kg for the Standard 2WD to 1,725 kg for the Executive AWD. Proton claims a zero-to-100 km/h time of 10.5 seconds and a fuel consumption figure of 7.8 litres per 100 km for 2WD models – no figures for the AWD model as yet. The car is certified as an Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV).

The new Proton X70 will be offered with free labour for the first five service intervals and financing rates as low as 2.34% per annum. Browse full specifications and equipment of the X70 on, and read our first drive review of the donor car, the Boyue, here.

rm124k without insurance is a good price point. a very competitive, properly spec suv with good pricing. I wish proton all the best.

Government has spent RM20 billion to bailout Proton over the years, at the end, we are now just 100% rebadger.

Geely will kill all Proton cars soon to market their entire range of Geely cars in Malaysia and Asia.

What did Proton learn from Mitsubishi? We were supposed to have transfer of technology….all kaput. Even Suzuki also…..we are just rebadger. No transfer of technology

Not sure why Tun even grace this embarrassing moment … A slap on his face actually that Malay business failed again

Tun is progressive so should anyone else. Why look back to nothing but backwardness? Any vehicle produced by Proton is a Proton. Technological transfers only happens when it’s beneficial for the contributor too. Expecting free lunch is just daydreaming. Tun did more for the country now than anyone else. Those who said degrading things about him should just look at the mirror and ask what you have done for the country.

Well said, Tun is our ship captain steering Malaysia back on the right path. Unlike those on the other side, mere trash talking and projek drooling day and night

Jepunis overlord keyboard warrior and his dupes so far spew fake news, imbue hatred towards P1, insult bumis and gomen servants, downgrade all efforts taken and lastly claim bolehland is the worst country in world

The caption should read …. ” Darling, Proton has failed, here’s the key to a China car instead”

Clapping hands, smiling, laughing and celebrating… We rakyat are so shameful! Proud of rebadging a car instead of making own car. Besides, the designers are only capable of designing a grill!

Perodua sells 200,000 cars per annum and Perodua sells only 50,000 per annum despite 90% of Proton sales come from Government and Ministry orders.

Aminar, P2 CEO goes to work sharp 7.30 am. He works non stop from 7.30 am right up to 8pm. No break. He only takes 10 minutes break during lunch time to eat the food Datin bungkus for him from home. That also, right after eating, he goes back to work

Proton CEOs and Management very different. 8.30 enter office. 9am breakfast. Then 11am tea break. 12.30pm lunch till 2.30PM. 3.30pm tea break. 4.30pm time to bersurai and balik rumah

I am here to congratulate Geely! Smart move by Geely to test the Malaysian market by selling their product through P1 brand. If X70 is a success then Geely will sell more of their products under P1 brand. Soon, one by one P1 cars will be discontinued and become a collector items for john. Proton will be an official Geely reseller in Malaysia and is a failure as a national car brand.

Totally agree, Proton staff better shape up. Else foreign workforce from Indo, Bangla & Burma will replace them for good

I don’t know why Malaysians are feeling proud? We did not invent this car at all. It was 100% made in China.

Honda Fan, dun pretend u know the china market. In China, Boyue is 4th place and the forester not famous. FYI, CR-V nobody want to buy in China due to not competitive.

U are one of the Malaysians who are very close minded. This is business, nothing is about ‘For China, its only China’ mindset. We should be proud because we are the one who build this high-tech, full of features not like some companies who remove some to reduce price.

Bro, bisnes duit untung smua dpt dekat company yg buat. Proton nak beli parts dri China ke mne ke, biar la, duit dyorng. And this is a legitimate Malaysian car.

The parts from the LHD to RHD is different. There are also some design cues build for Malaysia. ur claim of its 100% made in China is utterly bs.

I feel proud for P1 becoz its now an INTERNATIONAL brand instead of that one that keeps crowing as Jaguh Kampung.

I have to admit, this car will be a huge success. But we must thank solely to Li Chunrong and China for this beauty. They did all the work.

Always remember, Li Chunrong in 6 months turned around Proton for the better what our local CEOs could not do in 20 years.

In 6 months, Li Chunrong identified that all Proton’s suppliers and vendors were overcharging Proton like crazy the past 30 years which resulted in Proton going bust.

China got what they wanted. They bought Proton and Lotus for a mere RM170 million and got their marketing network for their Geely cars to be sold in Malaysia. Soon all Geely models

Within 2 years time, all Proton cars like Saga, Persona, Exora, Preve etc will be terminated. There goes all our hard work and research and development.

Geely will use Proton’s facility and marketing network to market all cars fully and all their models, not just the X70

2) All money Geely makes will be repatriated back to China. Money does not circulate in Malaysia. Money leaves the country.

At the end of the day, we make China stronger and we make the China currency stronger. Expect to see the ringgit declining further as more money leaves the country

Malaysia won because we get an education…on how to SELL cars which is even more important than how to make cars.

So, buying your Perodua and Toyota will benefit Malaysia? No, it will only benefit the Japanese if follow your twisted logic.

@ LOL, it is a pity lazy Malaysian Proton never learnt anything the ast 30 years how to make their own car and have a successful business. The same with P2 also.

Eh..I Thot Tun said Proton no more national car?Anyway,X70is really not national cos it is 99 percent a rebadge job. Few more months,we have 2 more Geely rebadged Protons.No wonder,Tun is feverish ly promoting Protiga due to crony intense lobbying.In Bolehland,it is norm to abandon so called national cars.

Got about 10,000 orders. At Rm100,000k each, you can rest assured already few RM Billion will be repatriated back to China for the development of China.

WTH you talking???? You think Proton is the only company in MLY which has foreign shareholding? You think China is the only country investing overseas/ Malaysia? 10k x 100k is only 1 billion. What’s the profit contribution to Geely in terms of shareholding??

After 30 years of automotive, and after losing hundreds of billions USD to Thailand (because of Proton, all car companies made Thailand the Detroit of Asia), after losing hundreds of thousands of jobs to Thai people

Hundreds of billions in USD? what’s malaysia’s GDP? A single make employs between 20-30k operators. Do we have hundredss of thousands of jobs in the automotive industry? Malaysian’s learnt a new word Billion and is abusing it.

Aww so sweet my dear. Bring tears to my eyes. 1985 Proton Saga, TunM & wife 2018 Proton X70, same TunM & wife.

its good that the price is getting higher. Means only the rich can afford to have new one. Less traffic, less headache!

According to Proton’s own statistics, 78% of their total sales come from Saga and Persona. The remaining bulk mostly comes from Government ordered Perdanas.

Also bear in mind also that according to EPF’s own statistics, 76.3% of ALL its contributors earn RM1500 and below. Mostly RM1000 and below.

Proton should charge cheaper for this X70 as Prootn was born to give Malaysians affordable cars. How many Malaysians can really afford RM100k?

you are right with the numbers.. but you really need to open up your mind a little. what the x70 brings to the plate for proton, is a product that will entice the “honda/toyota” buyers.. its not a product for the saga or persona customer. This product opens up new market potential for proton. it moves proton up the food chain so to speak. If proton wants to be an international car company, it must be able to compete directly with toyota and honda.. it should stop trying to compete directly with perodua. over 10,000 bookings, and even before the price was announced.. those people who booked the car had already been told that prices would be rm90k and above.. that already proves that proton is already attracting people who earn more.

And no, people has been told the price would start from 80k plus plus. Hence altho now they have 10k booking, expect high cancellation.

Expecting only 5000 CBU units will be sold and majority of 12,0000 bookings will wait for CKD version starting at Rm89k.

This is ridiculous price strategy for middle income Malaysians. Pity Malaysian. Cherish Proton to being so generous!!!

Malaysian can afford,if not for the old man protek the previous more thing,after no gst,all go buy car like go pasar beli sayur,until proton aso no stock,who say msian cannot afford cars above $100k?

better thank Li Chunrong for saving Proton!! Took Li Chunrong to save Proton and it took a British, Claire Rewcastle to save Malaysia

We must give our gratitude to Geely for giving us a car that is worthy. Pity, our own Proton could not give us a car like this with so much safety spec.

Proton oh Proton, your own rakyat also you cannot give such good safety spec. It takes a China company to give rakyat of Malaysia such good safety spec

Yeah,gotta thanks the beloved old fart who protek his cronies & gave us expensive no spec cars.Think our lives worthless ah?

we need b-line model. no seat pockets. no speakers. no headunit. steel wheels. unpainted door handles. unpainted manual side mirrors. body coloured b-pillars. no engine bay cover. no centre console. no Tonneau cover.

Volvo, I want to cry! Please don’t release the new P2 SUV, I dont know why but suddenly can terbakar. Moreover, proton has just unveiled the all new CR-V, the ultimate Arena killer for sure habisla Wira! If the new X70 launches, habislah Proton as the X70 so great can celup Pajero Sport till batu. As I walk in the mall, so many johns makan Geely. I surpirse that so many car crash in KL. In conclusion, a new SUV just terbakar john hilang!

Don’t worry, P2 SUV is other segments even has a 7 seats. Because of NA 1.5L engine in SUV, it will less capable then turbocharged 1.8L X70.

Another crazy pipu in here. Please have a check up in a mental hospital. Can’t even understand what are you saying

We have nothing to be proud of because for RM170 million, we sold Proton and Lotus together. Now, we got no national car company. It is fully a China company

Typical desperate to own an SUV. Lost his mind and mention something that run haywire. X70’s really a hit to you?

After reading the article I can conclude that tomorow, P2 will start closing their kedai one by one and cancel their P2 terios

Why should P2 close shop??? Do you think purely 1 model X70 will kill the entire P2, you are freaking naive man. Pls grow up P1 salesman

this is the attitude Proton and Putrajaya has. Syiok sendiri. Others do all the hard work and they try to claim credit and glamour and success.

Perodua closes down, it is your people that have no job. Proton closes down, it is your people with no job

Gerard, Am I reading this right? Spare tyre is 18 inch regardless the model? On the AWD model, how come there is no “4WD Lock” button on the left of the gear knob? The button is available in Boyue version.

CBU bro, what you expected? If current persona, saga, preve, exora exported to China no wonder P1 cars are cheaper than bolehland.

then we can expect CKD X70 to be cheaper? or price remain the same? If Fully cbu all the way, i dont mind to pay. please clarify

So what is function if CKD than CBU? CKD will cut costs. If the prices are same as CBU for sure P1 will add more stuff and at least build same quality as CBU in the CKD X70.

So now that Proton has officially grown up, can we level the playing field and have CRV or CX5 at similar prices?

If I afford CRV or CX5 why should I go for X70? X70 is target those who not yet afford CRV or CX5 but yet wanna a similar size.

IMO for national car anything price more than 100k I will not consider coz this price we can get a foreigner car.

CRV lowest spec is RM138k and highest spec of X70 is RM124k, different about RM12k can get a foreign car. Yes the low spec of CRV is way lesser features than X70 high spec, but the imagine of driving CRV is “brighter” than X70.

Not necessarily. The spec between a CRV and the X70 is comparable.I can afford a CRV but now I’m contemplating between these two and I’m leaning towards the X70 because of the much cheaper price. At the end of the day what I want is value for my money.

Noob la you think like that. Wana bangga for ownself when others think you as an idiot for buying the Badge not because of what you get for the money. Lol. Stupid thinking.

Not because what I get??? Boyue is selling at RM97k in China for high spec while in Msia we get this at RM124k. In Malaysia we gonna pay RM27k while it is NATIONAL CAR status.

In Honda CRV high spec (2WD) is selling at Yen 3.6M or nearly RM133k. While Malaysia CRV full spec is selling at 163k. Mean Malaysian is paying RM30k extra for a FOREIGN CAR.

The different between these 2 models compare to its country origin is only RM3000 between the taxes we paid despite X70 is NATIONAL CAR who enjoy lower tax rate. FYI CRV full spec is not shortage to X70 and it is more powerful, fuel saving, bigger roomspace and not to mention higher resale value.

We can be patriotic but are we really enjoy lower car price? Grow up man you stupid idiot not doing homework.

Im waiting for another 2 years. Sure 2nd hand will be around 60k. I save RM50-70K, While still on warranty.

I seriously cant convince myself that it is a good looking car. From the looks department is seriously meh…

Rm123,800 for top spec CBU, interest rate 2.34%, 5 times free service, 5 years unlimited mileage warranty, it’s geeat value for money with all the technologies that you get!!

Everything seem good except for the GKUI. We need android auto and Apple car play. Waze is the most accurate car assistance apps whenever u are

The GKU running baidu map & china android version. Not going to be fantastic unlike pure android with playstore. Just wonder how well it will perform when side load apps.

The GKUI running baidu map & china android version. Not going to be fantastic unlike pure android with playstore. Just wonder how well it will perform when side load apps.

Good job paultan team for detail highlights.. c segment suv for b segment price..With all the features, this new suv should be tough rival for the competitors..

Way overpriced. Earlier this year, Paul Tan reported that Geely Boyle was selling for RM68,500 (110k yuan). With Proton enjoying lower taxes as a national car, this price is way too high. Good luck to Proton.

Isnt the new goverment supposed to lower import tax/excise duty? Owh, its around RM60k+ in china..estimated RM80k+ in here. Now its RM99k??? What??

I was shock when look at the highest spec X70 priced at RM124k, while this model sold in China after convert is about RM97k. Btw I suppose the most sellable is the lowest spec or 2nd lowest.

Will come back to in a few days, after they have finished posting all these stories about THE SAME THING.

It is hard to imagined the difference between 2wd exec and 4wd exec is just 6k. For that, you get a rear differential, transfer case and rear propeller shaft.

Proton can still enjoy protection in Malaysia because of price settings in Malaysia so sales in Malaysia won’t be the whole picture of success. Try Indonesia and Thailand and you will realise how unpopular is Geely and proton in both countries.

For standard only less RM200 under RM100K. My salary for one day is already RM200. Expecting the standard to be at least RM98K.

Rest in peace proton….all your glory shall not be forgotten. Lets face it, even with all those safety and tech, it will not win the heart of Malaysian with those price tag. Malaysia always expect lower price with the local brand. They will have better luck if they stripped of most of the component and sell it lower. Hell, those jepunis sell us stripped down car with higher price also people buy.

Still has this mentality. Look Malaysian cars as cheap prices cars. Come on, this is SUV with high tech & quality. Jepunis cars now lost in terms of tech, technology & quality. Only stupid peoples buy a cars because of brands.

Too expensive for you to afford? Too expensive compared to China price? Too expensive compared to the local conmpetition?

Bloody expensive for a China made vehicle! Should be priced below RM50k for the top spec. Disappointing!

I salute you bro. 50k for SUV this size will be my first choice. 2 booking now, wait him established car company and we both will be the first and second buyer. LOL

I thought an Azman are smart. The smaller Haval M4 also above 50k, China brand also bro. If tak mampu just stay with your 2003 Perdana. This is not for you

Yeah i know. Just saying to Azman that even a Haval cost more than RM50k. In his dreams la if he wanted x70 to be priced below RM50k.

Azman sounds like those ppl who borrowed but refused to pay up PTPTN. Everyday hope for Durian Runtuh only…

Bye-bye Proton, Hello Honda! I might buy this car in future if the service quality or reliability are better!

Haval is cheaper. And now both are of Chinese ancestry, so that boast is gone. And the Haval/Great Wall brand is the best selling SUV brand in China. What was the plan here, Proton? Not to mention P2 has been purposely attacking your unveiling with guerrilla marketing. Any on-the-fencers, even a few over it would’ve immediately defaulted to waiting on P2s offering before committing. You lost your buzz! Any advantage in being first, GONE!

have you seen the haval sold here in malaysia? if you have, then you will understand why their price is cheaper.

Specs – two thumbs up. Price tag – one thumb up only. But definitely will buy one after 10,000th production. Proton forever.

Boo … Kesian rakyat Malaysia ..harga almost double drpd harga di China…you r slave to China mainland

Tak Susah. First RHD unit proton dah test dalam masa 6 bulan. Maknanya engineering dah siapkan kereta dalam 2-3 bulan sebelum tu.

Cuba kau compare kereta2 yg asalnya LHD, tengok kereta ford mustang, handbrake belah kiri walaupun dah convert ke RHD. Tgk pulak kereta Peugeot, fuse box masih kat glove box sebab asal dia fuse box letak kat tempat driver. Tgk pulak Mercedes, drive mode selector sepatutnya belah driver tapi bila convert jadi RHD, drive mode selector sebelah pemandu depan pulak. Proton jugak terbaik dalam convert LHD ke RHD.

seems the premium rims have been upgraded from 18inch (rare in malaysian market) to 19inch. A 225/55 tyre size will cost a bomb to replace (almost 1k a piece). not cheap considering its a proton.

When people buy Perodua, Proton Salesmen and Toyota Salesmen and others will even laugh at them when Perodua Designers are always sleeping like pig, some more, Perodua are also very lazy to put safety features, Perodua is still giving 4 speed auto for Myvi while Smart Toyota gives 7 speed auto for Vios.

Very nostalgia moment for Tun and wife. Same moment as he pas the 1st gen proton saga key to his wife, and now, 33 years later, he did it again. Very sweet couple. Long live Tun and wife.

Only Chinese manufacturers that have absorbed Volvo, Proton, Lotus, Mercedes will produce decent cars in the near future.

As mentioned again, Perodua are always cheated that happens many years until now that’s why majority majority people will prefer Proton, Toyota, Honda and others than Perodua.

Personally, i think Perodua quality is still better than Proton. Owner of both brand. Perodua gives me way less headache than Proton.

i also have perodua in my family.. i do agree that the car overall has better quality.. both proton current cars and perodua cars still have that “cheap plastic” feel inside.. but the biggest problem for me.. is how cheap the ride feels in a perodua compared to the proton. the suspension crashes over small bumps.. the car doesn’t turn in well.. new myvi is the same. looks wise, very modern, but the ride and drive.. no different from the old myvi.

Another attempt to samakan level Proton with major brands. If people prefer Proton, the sales won’t be so bad. The only Proton good at is selling the company, 2 times in 5 years.

Agreed. P1 offering is so much much much better than Jepunis dinosars, almost on par with luxury contis. Why lar he compare P1 with outdated Jepunis lords?

Sebelum ni, harga dijangka di bawah 100k. Bila launch, nah ambek kau, harga from 99800.00. Serupa mcm tak ada.

at least RM10k more than I anticipated. kinda hoping they will reveal their MPV soon but looking at this, pretty certain it’s gonna cost over 100k. sigh…

Another low class mentality. Only hoped protong car prices below rm100k. Try compared to other low quality jenunis c segment suv.

Japanese C-Segment most are established models that has good reliable track record price about 10-30k more than X70.

X70 on the other hand only has track record in China under Geely. You expect people to take the plunge with entry price at 100k?

People who can afford a 100k ++ range car do you think they will mind paying another 10-30k (equates to few hundred ringgit extra monthly if take loan) for a car with better established track record?

X70 engine has never been tested by consumer in tropical climate. Tho now is CBU, later CKD, does Proton factory has the capability to manufacture it with minimal defect?

all i said is the engine yet to be tested in tropical climate. dont put words into my comments that does not exist.

Tun M must be so proud, after 30 years proton have the privilege to re badge such a luxurious car. Why the need to start 3rd national car?

Because when najib sold the stacks of proton 49.9% to geely, tun getting mad cause tun think it that proton no longer the local brand. But after looks what geely has helped to proton, tun m turn back and praise the proton back that partnership with geely.

At that time DRB is the owner of Proton and they can do what they like with the land. The question should be why and who decided to sell to DRB?

The specs looks very promising for the money, specifically nappa leather(which you can’t even get from BMW 5 series). Hopefully the built quality is good and hopefully some accessory shop can come out with a aftermarket front end design because this car front end is UGLY!!! looks like old toyota fortuner…

FYI, it is only RM3000 you can get a genuine nappa leather in aftermarket, these leather suppliers are OEM to car manufacturer who make CKD cars. Normal leather is about RM2000. For me it is just a selling point but it should not named as “very promosing”.

With the famous Proton mentality, QC parts, service center & their support, its way over price la to own X70…plus…. not yet with insurance (from RM 3,100 -3,500 ext)!

not a daily driven budget car. i think the price is right for a suv. if u think the insurance is high, then u’r not the right person for the car. want to talk about CQ honda is still the top seller even with QC problem.

Proton is set to build affordable for Malaysian, this called Geely Boyue top spec is only RM93k (RMB186k) in China, but here start from RM100k, why? I really hope Proton can sell well.

Idk what to say. Even it’s cheaper than any other SUV but for a “Proton” the prices is still high.

It’s your money, up to you because no one cares. RM123K for a brand new SUV equipped with so many high tech features is reasonable actually. But, Proton is a real victim of our 3rd world mentality, ‘nak semua high tech features, but with a price of a Kancil’.

This is the mentality of many Malaysians who only believe in new car. Some car models are very reliable and can last way longer than other models. Merc E Class is one of it. You can google to find out why. There are reports that some E Class already clocked 1 000 000 KM and they still drive smoth like new.

But still high risk to owned used cars. Some unexpected things will happened in used car. Then used car mostly out of warranty. New car if break down no need to worry because still in warranty. So if you want to buy used cars, make sure has money to maintain too not only has money to buy.

Stop hating, stop complaining the prices. At least for the high spec, it same like b segment jepunis suv prices & cheaper than all low spec c segment jepunis suv and get more than what high spec CR-V & Harrier have. About quality, it will be higher quality than all jepunis cars that becomes low quality. For the RM123k, not only the quality and feautures but CBU & great job for the LHD to RHD conversion.

Some pipu have went to have a feel of X70 during KLIMS instead of sitting behind a keybod and just bash.

Was hopping that the base model price around mid-80k RM 200 below RM 100k is ‘affordable’, Dr. Li Chunrong Could expect the price of CKD unit to fall but what features would be removed, it’s never gonna be the same

End of proton slowly. Sales has been bad for so many years. This geely model definitely will not help to increase their sales. Please government dont bail out proton again, if geely runs away.

Nice one Geely-Proton. This is call 1Malaysia pricing… Other Auto Manufacturers, please do the same! Just curious, this is CKD price or CBU? if CKD should be lower, right?

RM99,800.00 x 2.34% x 108 Months = RM1,118.68 STill cannot bro, G should rise to RM1,200.00 for minimum wage. Then only left RM81.32 in your pocket. That’s sufficient for Weekend car petrol fee.

Proton should give local journos a long-term tester, preferably a 2wd premium as a sign of good faith in their products with honest unbiased monthly updates

I owned 2014 CRW AWD now. Seriously considering this X70 since I’m not working offroad anymore since last year.

CRV : RM138k XTrail : RM134k Mazda CX5 : RM132k Tiguan : RM166k Sportage : RM128k XV : RM128k Peugeot 3008 : RM142k

For those who put fuel concern as priority please think twice. 7.8l/100km is on paper but real owner feedback at China Boyue 1.8T fuel consumption average is 11l/100km.

No doubt this X70 (aka Boyue) is great in features and technology but buyer must not a fuel concern type of personn. RM120 petrol (55 litres) is able to run about 500km only mixture of highway and city drive.

have to wait other blogger review. But i think maybe got difference on engine tuning. since china and malaysia have different temperature and road conditions. furthermore, this car is heavy..hahaha..dont expect much to be fuel efficient..unless it is a PHEV or hybrid

In China, it was already tuned to be smooth (slow) which was reflected by its disappointing 0-100 figure (11s). I don’t think engine tuning can really bring down the fuel consumption. From what I gathered, blame the extra weight (competitors are utilizing high strength steel to reduce weight) and outdated 6spd gearbox.

True this car is heavy, the most heaviest one is 1725kg while compare to CRV the heaviest is 1595. The different of 130kg is about 2 adults’ weight, while CRV being lighter but it was bigger and save fuel by 0.8L/100km compare to X70. The only advantage over X70 is the selling price is cheaper by still we paid RM27 higher compare to Boyue in China.

Epic failure of pricing without proper study of th emarket…all this segmentation does not review customer intention of getting a 100k suv from proton…where choices of alternatives a lot. When perodua launch at 70k, bye bye

If it is a collaboration of Japan brand instead of China, Almost everyone will be screaming it’s worth it and it’s cheap, and will be rushing to the nearest dealer to book the CBU units. But unfortunately it’s a china brand and local Proton, hence almost everyone will critic it as expensive piece of junk.

How can any Malaysian be proud of this when Proton is owned by Geely? This car is anything but “National”.

Same like P2, always depend on Daihatsu and Toyota for engines & platform. Also Daihatsu and Toyota has higher share holder than P2.

Read again and study dude..i know u are proton staff..try to defense against reality…proton and perodua at the same par now..malaysian still holding for 51% share..49% by japan/china..understand the x70 is CBU..but don’t you think honda or toyota will remain silent?they will claim wut they should have..why CBU car can be placed lower than their models???think twice before u speak..wut kind of incentives proton got from the government…do u think they purposely put their price high even their actual cost is actually lower..what kind of development u did in the proton itself so that u can develop and enhanced all the local vendors currently???nothing dude..please help all the malaysian..not syok sendiri.once crv chr cx5 lowering the price..brand is more priority for takes time to change the malaysian mentality..even korean cannot bid the japanese u think chinese brand car able to fight?see how….malaysian very rare want to drive a vehicle for 9 years period of loan…think bout the resell value?do all banks comitting that it will not be drop same as korean car and china car fate currently..(panjangkan akal sket)

Initially booked the Premium spec as my 2nd family car (ie spouse use for groceries, sending kids to school etc) but for a Proton at RM 123k ! I’m going to cancel my booking and look for others; XV, Outlander, Sportage etc. Just not paying that amount of money for a Proton car that might not have much resale value, spare parts and their service center support services (oh bang, kereta ni memang macam ni, tak bole buat apa etc).

Another stupid mentality just pay for the brands. Jepunis cars becomes low quality. At least for the high spec X70, it cheaper than other low spec c segment jepunis suv and cheaper than kia sportage, Subaru xv, Toyota ch-r. Who cares about RV if want to used it above 7 years?

All the best Proton, you will need it. Initial sales will be hot followed by gradual flat sales after initial batch is delivered to customers. Proton was created to be a car for all like VW but with that kind of pricing it will be out of reach for the B40 segment which was their main segment.

C segment for SUV with high tech, premium build quality, 7.8L/100km and RM180 for road tax. For sure not for B40.

Ugly, expensive, tong san quality, high FC, questionable reliability and quality control, absolute terrible RV. Buy superior Japanese and Korean better. I can foresee the sales for Proton for 2019. Confirm dropped to the 5th place. This X70 will become just like the Perdana. 33 years later they launched something of a rebadged and its not even passable. And the rebadge is a desperate attempt to save Proton from closing down. What a disgrace to all Malaysians.

it’s a shame actually.. we as locals cant even save our local car brand, need help and initiative from other country to come and save our local brand.. nothing to be proud of Proton actually, in fact history has been made and it was embarrassing indeed.

I have no complain about the X70 price. It is step up for proton to become a global player. Furthermore, this is CBU and the first SUV under proton name.

As we know, proton will launch two more models under Geely within 2 years. With the tech and quality for the cars, Malaysian also cannot expect the price will be like a current proton car. To get price point at RM60K-RM65K is too good to be true, but it is not impossible.

In other view, what is the most of M40 Malaysian can hope from proton? So, In the coming years, proton will still depends on persona, Iriz or even preve to capture the local market. Why? Because this is the only price bracket for most of Malaysian can comfort to buy proton. In other aspect, this is not good for proton if they leave this market empty without any new model. Imagine if proton can introduce preve replacement and price RM70K to RM80K with better powertrain and style. Then the hole for c- segment car will be fulfill by proton.

Ok. Back to X70, no doubt, the price is advantage for them compare to other SUV. Maybe for CKD version, it will be slightly lower due to accessories reduction and increasing local content.


Another Government Transportation. Hey JPJ/JKR/Perhutanan/Kesihatan/etc, look at your new toys. Can change car already.

underpowered yet high fuel consumption. is it really worth it? get a CRV and pay a little bit more but enjoy better power and resale value.

But this X70 will be higher quality, for the turbo 1.5 CR-V, you need to spend above RM150k instead RM140k for NA 2.0 CR-V.

u keep on saying higher quality. show proof. are you privy to both honda/toyota manufacturing plant information and proton as well to make the comparison?

U shud have spent time like others going to KLIMS and have a feel of X70 quality instead of staying behind keybod creating dupes to hock fake stories. Thats how pipu know X70 quality is higher than Jepunis lords.

at a glance x70 looks of quality. but when you start to feel the materials and touch it properly, the refinement is not there at all not to mention the outdated dashboard design.

so no. quality is not higher than japanese brand in general. and mind you this is CBU. Once CKD, who is to say the materials and quality wont go down further?

Soft touch everywhere compared to hard plastics on CRV is not refinement? Clearly something wrong with ur judgement. And dashboard is so much more luxurious looking compared to what Toyota has to offer. So yeah, clearly ur bias against P1 clouded ur judgement. Go to P1 showroom and do ur comparison again, this time leaving ur bias at the door yeah.

To all people who thinks this X70 is expensive, let me explain why this SUV is very very cheap, almost to the extend that Proton is selling it with a lost. My opinion:

1) Geely sells this SUV in China with the price of RMB 150K doesn’t mean it has to be the same price in other parts of the world. An annual sales of a beset selling SUV in China alone is more than what the entire Malaysia SUV sales, Geely have the economy of scale to sell at that price in China market. This X70 is a proper right hand drive conversion, with parts such as subframe, engine mounting, parts moulding redesign for right hand drive standardisation, this is a very complicated process that cost millions, and is more complex than what layman could conceived, not to mention the man-hours going behind the scence for testing, tuning and acclimatisation to the Malayisan/Asean market.

2)The question of volume: This X70 will never gonna reach Boyue sales volume in China, even with the possible future Asean right-hand-drive export counted in. There is no way Boyue/Proton could sell this SUV with that kind of price, spec to spec. In fact, they might even selling it at a lost at RM 128k. Those equipment found on the X70 could not even be found at premiun cars above the 300k mark in Malaysia. Not even C class or 3 series give you nappa leather, voice command, active driver safety assist, adaptive cruise control in a single package. And with such low volume, this X70 cost a bomb to build, if fact, it might cost even more than a BMW X3 or a Mercedes GLA to build. These two luxury SUV are global cars and they both command the volume to lower down the cost of material. A soft touch dashboard in a BMW might cost even less than a hard plastic panel on a low volume car, say a Proton Iriz. And hence, this car is very very expensive to build and by selling it at 128k, with this kind of tech and features, it’s a steal! Honestly.

3)Even with tax-structure and national regulations differences between China and Malaysia omitted, It will be too naive to think that Proton/Geely will be able to sell the X70 at RMB 150k high spec, Yuan to Ringgit converted. Why? This is because cost of running car dealership, network, spare parts production and administration of different countries varies. A McDonald’s in Beijing selling you a Big Mac at RMB 13 yuan doesn’t mean it cost the same in Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur.

When it comes to pricing of a car in a global market, many factors come into play. Eonomy of scale, industrial practices and international trade and tax regulations pertaining to the car industry all do their role. And we certainly don’t walk up to a Mc’Donalds in Jalan Bangsar and asked them to sell us a Big Mac meal as same price in China, but when it comes to car, many people have this over-simplified logic and demand it to be the same. Hope this help to clear some air and happy discussing.

Oso when CKD comes it will be 10k cheaper, straight tapau all SUV sales in MY except those ultra luxury brands.

If you search youtube Geely Boyue vs VW tiguan, you’ll see a series of video made by a guy testing the 2 cars that are deemed unfair comparison.

Yet, the much cheaper Boyue is properly well built, even better soundproofing, less toxic formaldehyde material present, even the wiring is secured more properly than the much more expensive VW.

People who read and do research, should feel mind blown. You’re getting a lot for your money, and it totally changes how you see others and be suspicious of what unseen features could be missing.

A Volvo XC60 costs more than double, and true it is a much, much more premium built car, but otherwise, the Boyue/X70 isn’t as downgraded as one might think.

still not making sense to me. Haval could sell cheaper here in Malaysia. I mean if the brand is volvo rebadge, then i guess everyone will buy

Please compare the two products properly first before making such a simple minded comment. Apple to apple comparison. Not apple to grape!

Why does Mitsubishi Outlander not in the comparison list? It is in the same C segment SUV, albeit 7-seater as the Nissan X-Trail, 4WD standard across the range. Honda B-RV is in the different B-segment, 1.5 litre (petrol subsidy friendly), 7-seater SUV, same as Toyota Rush & the upcoming Perodua NSU.

kemon govt! just loosen the bank loan requirment for local model. atleast people whom earn rm1.2k salary can own this proudest suv!

Just a layman calculation, when Geely sell Boyue in China at RMB 150k (or MYR 91k), they already consider the costs (design, material, labour etc) and with some profit margin before selling. Knowing the Chinese or Geeely will never sell their car at a lost in China!

Let say their margin in China is MYR 10k for each car. Then redesign to RHD cost before shipping & selling in MY at MYR 123k, making another hefty margin for Proton at MYR 32k ! (minus the redesign RHD, taxes & shipping costs, but how much to convert to RHD, MYR 50mil or 200mil , reasonable?).

Just by selling the already few years old Boyue in MY market, Geely makes MYR 10k + 32k = MYR 42k for each car in MY (excl redesign etc).

Actually there are many other cheaper and much better looking China made SUV, just Google or watch it on CCTV!

They may be cheaper and some may be better looking (probably ur comparison is Zoyte Macan & Evoque clones, right?), but few are better built with better quality than Geely.

Checked with P1 Salesman….test drive in January….wonder why consumers have to wait another few weeks just to test drive….

What a load of crap! A hefty price for a rebadge. I wonder the quality is worst than the China models. I am anticipating the new piece of crap 3rd national car. Quick!

This initial batch of X70 is assembled at China Plant (CBU Built), follow the news from beginning before going to shoot with your crap assumptions

Among all the SUV mention by Paultan. Only X70 include SUnroof. Good spec and well price. One doubt, quality?

Voice command seems good. What if raining and out of sudden your child say Proton Open Sunroof. Any sensor to avoid such happening.

Does any of the variants come with rain sensor wiper? If no, I doubt any other sensor can sense the temperature? Or maybe it rely on the weather forecast from internet :P

Who wants to buy this. Slower than crv & tiguan. Use more fuel. More expensive roadtax. Lower badge. If u don’t mind sedan just get 2017 jetta highline can get 100k. 5l/100km. 8.6secs. Top speed 220kmh. 1.4l. Boot 510l. Spacious

RHD Conversion + Shipping = tambah 30k, 40% of the original car price. If that is the reason… fine… I continue to drive my Persona… Good luck Proton…

I think the price is a bit on the high side considering they wanna do a comeback. Maybe good feedbacks from media n public during pre-launch giving them wrong indication, making them maximizing the profit margin.

Thought it’d be good/strategic pricing if it’s 10% cheaper for all price range. But i guess that’ll still happen when sales are low.

Almost 50% more expensive than China! Come on, give Malaysian a break. Life is tough. Not everyone got government car like the MP.

Personally I think Proton Geely should instead rebadge a B-segment SUV like the newly launched BinRui which would bring down the price to maybe 70k – 90k range. I think this price range is more acceptable for Malaysian people. Build up the confidence level of the consumers, then only bring in this pricier Boyue. Too bad Proton image is too rotten and to buy a 100k+ Proton is a risky move to alot of people.

Agree with bro johnwhat..even perdana with honda engine can not sell when price is above rm100k they think this china car can?perdana sales not even close to corolla/civic although it is one segment above.and now you people want to talk about segment?lol

Proton sell premium car with higher price and after can not sell they try produce basic car with lower price.look what happen to saga rv when they produce s version.pity to saga flx buyer.

Since they know they will produce ckd..this cbu version should sell at that ckd price.if lower than this cbu, it will repeat the saga fate

This proton has been throwing their weight to every car segment and beaten badly every time. They tried small cars but beaten flatly by P2. Tried C and D segments but got bitch slapped by Honda & Toyota. Now with SUV, guess it will get punched by all brands.

In China Geely Sold this car at RM 60k-98k. In Malaysia Start from RM 98k. This mean PROTON brand stronger then GEELY Brand. GOOD LUCK THEN…

In China, this car start from RM60k to top spec at RM98k. (Js check out the Geely China Website). Why the price so expensive in Malaysia? Good Luck Proton X70 SUV… Is This mean PROTON Value higher then GEELY? Ha… But u rebadge GEELY wow… Unbelievable…

On the premium model, when they do CKD later, should do away with the sunroof as not practical in MY weather. Used to drive an AP Mazda 323 from JP in 90′ with sunroof, but the rubber hardened after 2 years, causing water leaking! and costly to repair.

Sunroof leaking is usually due to clogged drain pipe s. The rubber seal is not meant to guarantee water tight sealing, water is expected to seep through then drained out via the inner gutter and drain pipe ss.

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More competition better specs… Now that geely has done it. I dont think the japs r going to rest on its laurels. They will definitely fight back and they have too. Japs makers need to introduce the higher spec car at attractive price in order to survive. Their prides is at stake so game on…

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