Construction jobs are growing, and one can tell merely by the number of new excavators and concrete tools on the market. People need to dig, move and cut material in all forms, and quickly. The general trend for all equipment is bigger and taller, with alternatives for power. Hybrid power in particular is becoming more common as manufacturers are finding ways to incorporate this alternative without compromising performance. Tier 4, now part of the law of the land, is still specified, but more often assumed as the legislation went into effect Jan. 1, 2015. Lifts are in full force now, and the higher, the better. From scissors and forks to telescopic or articulating, lifts are becoming de rigeur for many rental markets. Key words in the lift world are self-leveling, reach and height, and then the question becomes, what’s the power source? Hybrid machines are in high demand, giving the end user options and choices to offer to the client. Excavators are a symbol of the increasing work in mining and the oil industry, as are breakers, hammers and compact track loaders. As larger equipment takes hold, another element being seen across Construction/Industrial is telematics, not only to track machinery, but to prevent theft and identify maintenance issues and opportunities for improved productivity and efficiency. In all, the watch word is power, and there’s plenty of it in all types of equipment. The secondary might be options, and in Construction, there are several.8:12 Illumination LED diffused lighting 717-538-0942; 812illumination.comBooth No. 8556The 200W and 400W LED light balloons from 8:12 Illumination, Mountville, Pa., are designed to provide efficient diffused lighting for a large area, the company says. The 200W light pulls 2.5 amps of power versus a 2000W halogen light that pulls approximately 16 amps, lasts more than 120,000 hours per light cell and can be plugged into any 110V outlet. The 400W LED light balloon provides glare-free, non-blinding light for up to 25,000 sq. ft., pulls 5 amps of power and lasts up to 100,000 hours per light cell. Lights can be powered by a generator, small solar panel or battery pack.

Arrowhead Rockdrill Co. hydraulic hammer 800-984-3222; No. 8012The Arrowhead Rockdrill R Series hydraulic hammers from Arrowhead Rockdrill Co., Barstow, Calif., has a tie-rod-less design, making it more compact, reducing weight and increasing visibility, the company says. In addition, the polymer-based vibration suppression technology reduces the shock and recoil being absorbed by the carrier, the company says. The R70 delivers 650 to 1400 bpm with an operating pressure of 1,600 psi and guaranteed sound power of 118 dB.

Coast to Coast Equipment: From Scissors to Cranes 800-864-5438; c2cequip.comBooth No. 8856Coast to Coast Equipment: From Scissors to Cranes, Valley View, Ohio, offers used aerial lifts and refurbishment. The company says their customer service includes a 100 percent buy-back guarantee, fleet available to ship within 24 hours, inspection and video reports, manufacturer trained mechanics and the capability of providing additional services such as new paint and cab installations. The company also offers an equipment re-rental program for dealers.

Cummins Power Generation Tier 4f generator 763-528-7862; cumminspower.comBooth No. 8813The 200 kW rental package from Cummins Power Generation, Fridley, Minn., features the Tier 4f certified Cummins QSB7-G9 engine, which meets emissions limits without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF). It is one of a family of packaged Tier 4 rental generator sets from Cummins Power Generation rated at 150 kW to 275 kW. The PowerCommand 3.3 control system with masterless load demand (MLD) technology is designed to enable the generator to match varying load demand. The system also allows paralleled generator sets to share loads through simple connections, the company says. In addition, it has a four-position voltage selector switch, two-stage fuel filtration with optimum particle and water separation, and dual speeds for operation at 50 or 60 Hz. The engine control module includes remote start capability.

Daniel Mfg. lifting device 309-963-4227; Booth No. 8820The Monkey Fist lifting device from Daniel Mfg., Carlock, Ill., is designed for lifting out pre-sawed slab sections, which are trapped, without breaking up or making a starter hole. The user can core drill a 2-in. hole centered on the piece to be removed, insert The Monkey Fist lifting device and lift up to 6,500 lbs. of concrete slab.

E-ZLIFT Conveyors a/k/a Multilift troughing conveyor 800-821-9966; Booth No. 7913The E-ZMITE troughing conveyor from E-ZLIFT Conveyors a/k/a Multilift, Denver, is used for moving dirt and debris. The troughing conveyor has been modified so that a single person can move the conveyor to the location the customer needs it to be. Features include a 14-in.-wide smooth belt with 1¼-in.-high cleats on 48-in. centers, a 50-fpm belt speed and a ¼-hp, 115V gear motor mounted within the conveyor frame.

InterQuip USA belt conveyor 203-322-2600; Booth No. 10041The Linkit Shifta portable, lightweight belt conveyor from InterQuip USA, Stamford, Conn., can be used in remodeling, basement projects, landscaping, recycling and disaster cleanup, the company says. Made of aluminum, the conveyor has a heavy-duty rubber endless chevron belt that has two belt speeds, a detachable hopper, four lifting handles, forward and reverse belt direction, and works on a 110V power supply. Users can interlink four machines, which are available in 10-ft., 14-ft. or 18-ft. lengths, and in 12-in. or 18-in. widths.

Michigan Pneumatic Tool manifold 313-933-5890; Booth No. 8657The HiVis HV-15G-8P manifold from Michigan Pneumatic Tool, Detroit, allows users to run one hose to the worksite and connect up to eight pneumatic tools. Equipped with a gauge to monitor working pressure and a 200-psi pop-off valve, the manifold also has top and bottom brackets to stack or mount on skids or other surfaces.

Takeuchi Manufacturing (U.S.) excavator 706-693-3600; takeuchi-us.comBooth No. 8725The TB230 excavator from Takeuchi Manufacturing (U.S.), Pendergrass, Ga., has an operating weight of 6,607 lbs. and a bucket breakout force of 6,471 lbs. A redesigned exterior offers better visibility and improved service access, the company says. The operator’s station includes a multi-function monitor, function switches, electronic throttle control and precision pilot controls with a proportional slide switch to control auxiliary hydraulic functions. The TB230 features a 24.4-hp Tier 4f computer-controlled Yanmar engine and has multiple work modes: Eco, Power and High Altitude.

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