Bottom Line: With 6 months of cash and at least 2 years to break even, we lay out what management has to do to save the stock and the company… Bottom Line: With $47 million of debt coming due in June/July against $43 million of cash in the bank, should Fire & Flower investors expect a ballooning share count in 2020? Bottom Line: Valens is guiding to 70% rev growth next quarter and is wildly profitable. But at the end of the day, it comes down to analyst expectations vs reality. Analysts think margins are going up, we think margins have peaked. We should know who is right by August.   Bottom Line: Green Growth looks like the next casualty of the potstocks meltdown. We explore the company’s problems and how long they have before some difficult decisions need to be made by management. Bottom Line: Wholesale hemp prices slowed their decline a bit in December but are still down a whopping 67% in only 8 months. Refined CBD oil prices are down 15% in the last three months. It looks like the market is quickly adjusting to an explosion of hemp supply that is most definitely outpacing demand. Source: