Getting Your Kids To Eat Shouldn’t Involve Violence, Duh

It’s difficult to decide what’s more unsettling: a parent beating up their child’s stuffed toys to get them to eat, or posting a video of it to get laughs on the internet. We’re fine with concluding that they’re both equally nauseating. We get it, mealtimes can be especially frustrating, but resorting to violence? Not the answer … Obviously. After a video of a man punching his nephew’s stuffed Mickey Mouse to coerce him to eat went viral, other parents are trying out the tactic. In the video, which has over 16.2 million views, the man is seen trying to feed the toddler, who refuses. He then tries to feed the Mickey Mouse toy and when the toy also “refuses”, he punches Mickey repeatedly. The toddler is clearly stunned, then takes his food with no hesitation. “When kids don’t wanna eat… this is what you gotta do,” user @rudyhernandez_ captioned the video along with laughing emojis. When kids don’t wanna eat… this is what you gotta do

15 Best travel toys: Baby, toddler and kid approved toys for travelling in 2019

If you’re planning a summer holiday with kids in tow, be it abroad or closer to home, the thought of journeying for any amount of time with little ones may feel daunting to say the least. A succession of trains, planes and automobiles can test the patience of most adults, so we can only imagine what it must be like for kids who haven’t yet learned how to handle boredom, especially in a confined space. Children have much shorter attention spans than adults; child development experts say around 3 – 5 minutes for each year – so in theory a nursery-age child should be able to focus on a task for around 10min before getting tetchy. That said, attention spans are elastic, and depend on a lot of factors, such as sleep deprivation, hunger levels and how interesting a task is, variants that are as applicable to grown-ups as they are to children. Sue Atkins, parenting expert on Disney Junior UK’s Parenting Hacks podcast (which you can download free from  iTunes and Spotify) offers some helpful tips on travelling with young children: “Children like to unwrap things; it keeps their fingers busy and their minds engaged. Take small wrapped up toys they haven’t seen for...